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The best time to start investing is now

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Despite the downward trend in some property markets across Australia, Glen and Jess believe that the best time to start investing is now. “Everything is okay. We’re bombarded with stories…

Demystifying The Australian Tax System

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The Hare breaks down how the Australian Tax System works.  

Choosing the right adviser for you

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A financial adviser is an important part of the team that any successful property investor should have, but with many having ties to lending organisations, how do you choose the…

Challenges for the Smashed Avo Generation when pondering investing

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Glen discusses a range of difficulties young professionals experience when pondering investing. Young professionals are doing without smashed avocados and toast and saving tens of thousands of dollars in cash, but…

The Fox talks investing

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The Fox discusses the risks and returns related to different types of investments.

The Goal-Setting Mistakes Property Investors Make

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At Fox and Hare’s latest Wine + Wisdom event, Jess discusses the goal-setting mistakes property investors make. Any good plan needs a goal, but many property investors are not thinking…

Wine + Wisdom round 2!

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After the huge success of our first ‘Wine + Wisdom’ evening a few months back, last week we were thrilled to deliver event number two! We again paired insights from…

The Lawyer and The Hare

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Glen Hare, Adviser – Fox and Hare Our average client is in their early 30s, so Hayley and Kael are the perfect couple for us. Hayley is fairly reserved but…

Moving On Up

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For an industry so intent on progression, little change has been achieved in recent years. The traditional archetype of a financial adviser still exists and – to a large extent…

Coffee with Kate, your high performance coach

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Q. What are your top tips for increasing productivity? Quite often it is the small changes that make the biggest impact on our overall productivity and energy, and we under-estimate…