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What to consider when investing in property to live or to buy

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Glen and Jess discuss the concept of Investing in Property and the points to consider when investing in property to live or to rent.

The 3 things we want you to know about your finances

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There’s so much confusion and complexity around money and finances. At Fox and Hare, we aim to make sure people have a clear game plan so they know how they’re going to…

“Best Practice Advice” What is it? and How to deliver it?

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Glen features on the latest ‘Goals Based Advice’ Podcast where he discusses Fox & Hare’s preparation before opening the doors and the first year in business. Listen here  

When is the best time to get insurance?

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Why get insurance when your young, fit and healthy? Jess and Glen explain the benefits of insurance and unpack the 4 main types available.

Make your money go to work

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Over the last 12 months we’ve seen house prices across Sydney soften and a roller coaster ride on the share market sparked whispers of GFC round 2. What does this…

Shares and managed funds – whats the difference?

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Hear how Glen simplifies the differences between a share and a managed fund.  

Join us for Wealth, Health & Heels

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Grab your BFF’s to join us for a women focused panel to smash your career, health and finance goals for 2019. We will teach you the five skills you need to…

Overcoming Career Anxiety in the LGBTIQ community

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LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer) students and young professionals often fear how their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status will impact their careers causing anxiety and…

Ladies – Lets get our financial sh*t sorted

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Jess stresses the importance of women having their superannuation sorted and why.

Five things to consider before seeking professional property advice

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Before seeing any property professional—from a buyer’s agent to a property manager— or forming your investment team, Jess and Glen encourage investors to ask themselves five questions. This will assist in…