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BREAKING: Fox & Hare Financial Advice Becomes Australia’s Newest B-Corporation

BREAKING: Fox & Hare Financial Advice Becomes Australia’s Newest B-Corporation 1024 576 Fox & Hare


Industry leading firm cements its place as one of Australia’s most progressive advisories, passing rigorous social, environmental and good governance B-Corp certification process. 

22/06/22 SYDNEY, NSW: Today, Fox & Hare, one of Australia’s most recognised and celebrated boutique advisories celebrates passing the gruelling assessment and certification process to become a fully certified B-Corporation. By meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, Fox & Hare intends joins other business leaders in a global movement of people using business as a force for good – working toward a global economy that benefits all people, communities and the planet.

Fox & Hare Co-Founder, Glen Hare says “we recognise the damage that years of shady behaviour, exclusion and questionable ethics have caused to our industry and believe that this is a significant step toward rectifying that damage. A Recent Roy Morgan study revealed a meagre 17% of Australians rate Financial Planners ‘very high’ or ‘high’ for ethics and honesty – and we’re doing everything in our power to change that.”

B-Corp certification calls for the highest verified standards in social, environmental and good governance. Fox & Hare’s successful accreditation was underpinned by the implementation and maintenance of policies including, but not limited to: 

  • Gender representation and equity at all levels of business: Less than 23% of Australian advisers identify as women, an already depressing number that falls precipitously when adjusted to include entrepreneurs and business owners. Fox & Hare smashes industry glass ceilings at every level, it is female co-founded, boasts a 50/50 gender split amongst team members, and a whopping 49% of members who identify as female.
  • Meaningful inclusion for the rainbow community: It’s estimated that less than 5% of Australia’s total population identify as members of the rainbow community – yet more than 16% of the Fox & Hare membership base do so. Welcome news for a cohort reporting significantly higher levels of financial hardship and stress than their heterosexual and/or cis-gendered counterparts.
  • Environmental and social stewardship: Recognising the impact human activity has on the climate and environment, Fox & Hare maintains 100% carbon neutrality – offsetting everything from staff commutes to utilities. Further, Fox & Hare uphold specific reduction targets relative to previous performance, are currently in the process of sponsoring an Australian environmentally focused NFP and have a stated commitment to reach 50% of all funds under management invested ethically by 2023.

Fox & Hare are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with other notable B-Corporations Patagonia, Koala, Aesop and Bank Australia.

About Fox & Hare: Founded in 2017 by two former Macquarie execs, Fox & Hare aims to empower and educate Australians in the wealth accumulation phase of their life journey. Through the provision of a safe, inclusive and accepting environment, they’ve built a diverse and devoted following of 30/40 somethings, from many backgrounds, abilities and genders. The organisation and its co-founders have  featured in the AFR, IFA and Sydney Morning Herald, been included in Financial Standard’s Power 50 and voted IFA’s Thought Leader of the Year.

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