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I have a decent income but my money never seems to last long! How do I get a feasible plan together that’s going to work?

This is the toughest property market in generations – how am I ever going to get to where I want to?

I want a kick-ass wedding or want to take a year to travel the world – how do I afford this along with longer term goals?

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Together forming Fox & Hare, Jessica & Glen have over 20 years combined experience in the financial services profession. They started Fox & Hare to help their clients to live the life they aspire to.


Knowledge is power & we are all about empowering you! We run various education seminars & events with a fresh perspective, on the stuff that matters most to you.

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Define ‘busy’

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How often do you greet a friend, colleague or acquaintance with ‘how are you?’ and the response is, ‘ohh so… busy!’ People clearly have different views on what busy is.

My challenge for the new year, rather than responding with ‘ohh geez I’m so.. busy’ is to respond with either I’m being ‘productive’ or ‘unproductive’. In my view, this means so much more….

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Let’s get Ethical! Ethical, I wanna get Ethical!

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Keen to invest ethically but no sure the best way to go about it?

Different people have different views on what ethical means to them. Come along to this event to hear from a panel of experts from different walks of life, sharing their approach to this ethical dilemma.

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Property, what’s hot & what’s not!

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Interested in investing in property? Whether you’ve saved your deposit or are in the process, this event is for you!

Hear from a panel of property experts sharing their opinion on what’s hot and what’s not.

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