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What do investment properties, smashed avocado and personalised financial advice all have in common? They’re attainable. Credit cards should not keep us afloat until payday, international travel can co-exist with a healthy shoe habit and inner-city property is not out of reach. All that we need is a plan.

Financial advice is not just for the wealthy. We’re not aligned to any major financial institution and for a fixed fee provide unbiased advice to help you live the life you aspire to. As a client of Fox & Hare your advice journey is tailored to enable you to achieve your unique goals. Most of our clients had never seen an adviser before deciding to work with us so if you have any questions about the process or just want to grab coffee, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Your Advice Journey

*It’s only at the end of the Goals & Values session that you decide if Fox & Hare is the right fit for you.

Your Advice Journey

*It’s only at the end of the Goals & Values session that you decide if Fox & Hare is the right fit for you.

The Financial Stuff We Help With

The word ‘Saving’ often conjures images of lonely nights in and tins of baked beans. Cash flow management (or, saving) is understanding your buying habits, considering if they really align with your goals and creating a strategy ensuring you spend your money on things that make you happy today and tomorrow.

Do you know the difference between bonds and index funds? Understand what investing means, the different options available and which ones work best for you. We make sure you have a clear investment strategy, aligned with your goals.


Everybody talks about buying property, and many say it’s now out of their reach. While most have swapped the picket fence for proximity, the great Australian dream is alive and well. We’ll create a clear plan to guide you step by step from an aspiration to keys in the door.


Green is the new black. More and more people are choosing to live environmentally & socially conscious lives, this includes investing. Being socially and environmentally aware doesn’t mean you need to forgo investments returns. We’ll show you how to make money, while making the world a better place.

How long would you survive without an income?

It’s common place to protect our cars, our pets and our mobile phones yet very few of us insure ourselves or our incomes. The irony is, that without our income, we wouldn’t have these things to begin with. Sickness, injury or a sudden change in circumstance should not destroy your goals. If plan A doesn’t go exactly as expected, we make sure you have a plan B.

What is your current superannuation balance? Where is your money invested?

Retirement isn’t on the agenda now but it’s important to consider your options. Most people forget Super is your money, there to ensure you retire comfortably. Given you’re already investing in super, isn’t it time to start making smart choices? We’ll give you options and implement a strategy that’ll secure your golden egg.

Tax is unavoidable. It can, however, be reduced.

Maxed out credit cards, overdue bills, and a painfully long wait between the tap and ‘accepted’ beep on the eftpos machine are all symptons of a bad debt situation. Debt can be overwhelming, frustrating and mentally draining. Help us understand your current situation, we’ll work together and banish debt for good.

An estate plan ensures that your assets are transferred in line with your wishes, so that your loved ones are taken care of should the unthinkable occur. It’s a difficult topic to discuss, but we believe it’s important to have a plan when it’s needed most.