We’re a B-Corp!

We don't believe building wealth should cost the earth.

More Australians than ever care deeply about the health of our planet, community and their impact on both.


The idea that ethics and returns are mutually exclusive is a pervasive one, but we believe there is another way. Getting our financial world in order should not have to mean investing in companies that deal in fossil fuels, human trafficking or other less than savoury practice.   

We coach young professionals, millennials and the next-generation of future conscious Australians with practical, honest financial advice that’ll help them build their wealth – while supporting businesses and practice that reflects their personal beliefs and ethics. 

How we are different

We don’t believe that great investment returns and social / environmental performance need to be mutually exclusive goals. It is entirely possible to do both and we work closely with our members to build custom portfolios – with great returns – that align with their personal ethics.

Less than 23% of Australian advisers identify as women, an already depressing number that falls precipitously when adjusted to include entrepreneurs and business owners.

Fox & Hare smashes industry glass ceilings at every level, it is female co-founded, boasts a 50/50 gender split amongst team members, and a whopping 49% of members who identify as female.

It’s estimated that less than 5% of Australia’s total population identify as members of the rainbow community – yet more than 16% of the Fox & Hare membership base do so. Welcome news for a cohort reporting significantly higher levels of financial hardship and stress than their heterosexual and/or cis-gendered counterparts.

Recognising the impact human activity has on the climate and environment, Fox & Hare maintains 100% carbon neutrality – offsetting everything from staff commutes to utilities. Further, Fox & Hare uphold specific reduction targets relative to previous performance, are currently in the process of sponsoring an Australian environmentally focused NFP and have a stated commitment to reach 50% of all funds under management invested ethically by 2023.