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The newest member of the Fox & Hare family!

The newest member of the Fox & Hare family! 1024 576 Fox & Hare

What do you get when you combine a ridiculously credentialed financial planner, with first hand experience of financial challenge, hardship and motherhood?

The newest addition to the Fox & Hare family, Trish Gregory.

“I decided to become a Financial Adviser after my partner was medically discharged from the RAAF in 2016” says Trish

“Up until that point I’d been the stay-at-home parent with two of our eventual three children, and absolutely loved the opportunity to put into practice what I’d been learning organically for years”

After successfully landing the pivot of the century, from stay at home mum to launching a career in advice in Melbourne then Canberra, she found the time to launch a monthly mother’s financial forum – facilitating conversations about investment properties, share portfolios and financial goals, in a safe, friendly environment (with no advice given, of course!).

Obviously not one to settle, Trish tells us she “didn’t want to complete the minimum required level of education” and followed up her Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning with an almost complete Master of Financial Planning – both earned with a distinction grade average, while raising a family of three.

We believe that life changing financial advice comes as a result of first-hand experience, hardship and the ability to truly understand the transformative effect that properly (or poorly) managed finances can have on our lives. Trish brings all three to the Fox & Hare experience in spades.

“I watched the effects of a messy divorce on my mother’s financial situation and knew that I wanted to be financially independent. I bought my first home long before I met my partner, signed up for a ‘basics of investing’ course at my local Tafe and started from there”

“When my journey began I was working with a salary around 40k, I wasn’t earning the big bucks but I was a homeowner, I was an investor and I was putting money into my offset account”

“Life can throw some really shitty situations your way, things can get extraordinarily stressful – even WITH savings and those earning a higher income are not immune, there are so many costs imposed on them and that’s before we even consider the self-imposed ones”

“I want all the young people out there, the ones who look like me and the rest of the Fox & Hare team to know that they have lots of time, lots of opportunity and lots of potential – I’m here to help you with all of these competing priorities , all the complex goals that are there but you have no idea where to start”

We are so grateful that Trish chose to join us at Fox & Hare and look forward to the many great things to come!