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Join us for Invest good, Do good, Feel good.

Join us for Invest good, Do good, Feel good. 1024 548 Fox & Hare

It’s cool to be kind.

Can we buy the future we want? How do you make purchasing decisions that fit your values and ethics? Do the businesses and brands you buy from consider human rights, environmental impact and renewable energy in their supply chain?

Let’s face it, ethics are tricky, what is ethical to you may be different to me. This event is all about navigating the complex world of making decisions that feel right for you, and the planet.

Over the course of the evening you will hear from three inspiring leaders to help you consider your own ethical beliefs. Whether you’re investing your super, shopping up a storm or sipping your morning latte we’ve got news for you; you CAN change the world by putting your money where your ethics are.

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