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Investing 101: How to Achieve Baller Status Faster

Investing 101: How to Achieve Baller Status Faster 1024 111 Fox & Hare

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Or does it? “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Or can it? No doubt money is a popular topic of chatter, especially with the financial year end approaching, which gives us all an opportunity to reflect on our own personal finances and see how we are sorted for the coming year. In having a chat with some mates recently it became apparent that comfort with, and an understanding of, personal finances varied greatly amongst friends. Some friends are reading AFR on the reg, have purchased apartments and are diversified in multiple markets, others have but a savings and checking account, others still prefer to keep each fortnightly pay in cash under their mattress.

While I am no expert, I do have expert friends. I wanted to write this piece to educate my friends, and readers, and demystify the investment market. Sometimes all the words are confusing, sometimes it doesn’t even sound that interesting, however, I feel strongly that if you have any income at all, you should be trying to extract as much as possible from each dollar. I speak to Glen Hare of Fox & Hare Wealth and Andrew Macken of Montgomery Investment Management, mates of mine and local financial gurus, about how one achieves baller status.

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