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Invest good, Do good, Feel good – Recap!

Invest good, Do good, Feel good – Recap! 1024 683 Fox & Hare

What an amazing night talking all things good! ?

If you missed out on our ethical event ‘Invest good. Do good. Feel good.’ last month, don’t stress. We’ve put together a 2 minute clip plus 5 key action items to get you started.

1. Boycott vs Buycott: deliberately purchasing a company’s or a country’s products in support of their policies, or to counter a boycott.? 

2. Follow the Frog – next time you order a coffee, ask your barista where they source their beans from! One save way to know they are ethical, look out for the Rainforest Alliance frog! ? 

3. Find out which companies your superannuation is being invested in. Is your hard-earned cash going to companies that you morally oppose ?! ❌ 

4. Download the Good On You app and start shopping from the brands which rate more highly. 

5. Ethical fabrics – these include linen and hemp. Did you know some fabrics use a huge amount of chemical processes and involves significant deforestation! (Watch: ? The True Cost) 

Thank you to the amazing panelists Cris Parker, Gordon Renouf and Melanie Mokken as well as our platinum sponsors BetaShares for allowing us to run such an insightful discussion! ??