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Bridging the gap between mental, physical and financial wellness

Bridging the gap between mental, physical and financial wellness 1000 706 Fox & Hare

We held our first wellness event to start bridging the gap between mental, physical and financial wellness. Here’s a quick recap of the mornings discussion ↙️

The importance of wellness ?

  • Financial wellness involves feeling secure in both your present and future finances. When you are financially well, you are prepared for those unexpected life hurdles and can achieve ‘financial freedom’, the ability to have choice and reach your life goals.
  • Financial wellness is not based on income but state of mind, with those having a higher financial literacy proven to feel increased emotional, vocational and physical health and overall confidence.
  • Wellness combines mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual areas working together as one.
  • 1 in 3 Australians are suffering from financial stress, with the top 5 reasons being: bad debt, home loans, retirement, supporting the family and budgeting.

Two of our our clients experiences ??‍♀️

  • Matt discussed his strategy for coping with the constant battle between your social calendar and sticking to your savings plan. Matt’s development of his side hustle plays a big role in this strategy and has helped him find balance between living life and feeling financially secure.
  • Anna takes us through the ways she has adapted her spending to be more aligned to her and her husbands goals and values. By clearly defining their long term goals and setting a monetary value to them, Anna was able to stick to her cashflow plan and realise that the changes she implements now sets her up for her future.
Annabelle Chauncy, Founder of School for Life Foundation talks mental resilience ?
  • Just take the first step. Annabelle shares her life journey, taking us through the first days of forming School for Life which taught her to take the first step and just start!
  • Pivot quickly. If something is not working for you or is negatively impacting your wellness, change it! Annabelle speaks from her past experiences that effected her mental health and how she altered her situation to help her mindset.
  • The path to success is not straight forward. Debunking the stigma of what success should look like, Annabelle reveals what School for Life’s success path has been and the challenges that come with.

Want to learn more about how you can start your journey to financial wellness, book in for a free coffee here ☕