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Meet Our Members: Robbie

Meet Our Members: Robbie 1000 600 Fox & Hare

We love celebrating the wins of our members (both big and small). So, we wanted to share their stories with you.

Meet Robbie, one of our members here at Fox & Hare as he explains his coaching journey with Jess. Hear his story in our video or read the full transcript below.

“I had decided it was time to change my financial position. I needed help with a couple of things: learning how to better manage my debt and I wanted to feel as if I was in control of my finances. I’d always felt very out of control and I was earning a great wage. So, money was coming in but it just felt like money was going out just as quickly.

Prior to joining Fox & Hare, I had seen a couple of advisers. Meeting those advisers, what overwhelmed me was that it felt like it was a sales process and I felt as though they weren’t listening to me. But with Fox & Hare it was focused on what I wanted to do and so they worked with me on my goals and the things that matter to me the most.

It helped me dream about what was possible and helped me clarify what I wanted to achieve. Prior to that, I’d been floating along pay-check to pay-check, holiday to holiday. And to be honest? It was all a bit of a car crash. Jess helped me focus on the key things that I wanted to achieve.

The way that I describe Fox & Hare is that Jess is my coach. She’s there to guide me and train me, but there’s also a big element of support. One of the best things that has come out of this is that I trust Jess implicitly. I know that she’s got my back and that advice I’m getting isn’t biased and it’s in my best interests.

If I hadn’t seen Fox & Hare I think I would be on the same merry go-round. I also think I wouldn’t have clarity in terms of what’s most important to me and the goals that I’ve wanted to achieve. Now, I’ve got my debt under control and I’m almost at a point where I’m a couple of months away from being bad debt-free.

I think the biggest thing that I’ve achieved is that I have structure around how my money is being managed. I haven’t had to think about juggling bills. When I need money for a particular purpose, the money is in that account and ready to go.

This process has made me excited about my finances. From an education perspective, I’m now interested in making proactive decisions about my money and my future.”

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