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Jess’ top tips for business’ going digital

Jess’ top tips for business’ going digital 1024 757 Fox & Hare

Jess shares with Financial Standard Fox & Hare’s working from home transition and the technology that enables us to work so efficiently.

For Jessica Brady, the co-founder of Fox & Hare Financial Advice, the move to working from home has seen very few hiccups.

“I basically told everyone to grab their monitors and go home, and because we do use quite a lot of tech (with a few little exceptions) we were able to be back online and operational that afternoon,” she said.

“We’ve been Zoom users for a very long time now and use it to conduct all our meetings, while Loom is something we use to record ‘how-to’ videos.

“We also use DocuSign so our clients can sign-off on their Statement of Advice, but one of the coolest pieces of tech we use is called FileInvite.”

This software provides Brady’s clients with a secure portal to upload all their required documentation, while her team can see what the client has filled out, any notes they have made, and they receive a notification once all the documents have been completed. Then – it’s just an easy download to the cloud, she said.

“That has been an amazing piece of tech that we’ve been using for a long period of time, and perhaps could be helpful for people who want something more secure than email or who up until this point had been asking people to bring information in,” Brady said.

Although Brady’s practice is set up to deliver her client’s advice digitally, she has experienced a few roadblocks with some product providers still demanding paper-based documentation.

“It blows my mind that in 2020 there are still some providers who need original copies of documentation, or who still require paper-based applications,” she said.

“Not only is that really bad for the environment, but it just doesn’t make sense in a 2020 context, particularly not at the moment.”

Brady said despite government imposed social isolation, providers were not making any changes to their processes.

“I understand providers are busy trying to get everyone working from home, but I think that there’s only a few outliers that need to digitise their processes so that the advice experience can be done online,” she said.

Unfortunately, she said, there is no perfect tech solution – yet.

“The frustration is there’s no one ‘perfect product’; you just want something that does everything and we haven’t been able to find it,” Brady said.

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By Ally Selby – Financial Standard