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Meet Our Members: Sami

Meet Our Members: Sami 1000 600 Fox & Hare

We love celebrating the wins of our members (both big and small). So, we wanted to share their stories with you.

Meet Sami, one of our members here at Fox & Hare as she explains her coaching journey with Glen. Hear her story in our video or read the full transcript below.

“I had been traveling overseas for a couple of years. I don’t regret anything, but I came back with nothing.  So, I reached out to Glen for some advice because, to put it bluntly, I was sick of being on the credit card hamster wheel.

My perception of financial advice before I came to Fox & Hare was that it was for people who already had money and investments, and those who wanted to maximise their returns and make more money. I thought, “I’m at a starting point with nothing. What am I going to be talking about?”

I was expecting it to be a little bit more judgemental. I know that probably sounds a bit funny but I thought it would involve reading my bank statements and interrogating what I’m spending on, like “what are all these shoes?” I thought it would focus on cutting back on all these things I love, but that wasn’t the case at all.

We’re younger people who are living this modern lifestyle. The cost of living is really expensive and the desire to travel is there. It’s not all about shares and I still have my shoe habit that I can keep.

Some of the goals I’ve been working towards are getting my cashflow sorted, paying off my credit card and trying to get my finances in control so I can focus on my savings. My ultimate goal is to buy a property.

 So when I tell my friends I’m seeing an adviser, I think they’re shocked. I suppose they think that’s strange and unusual. But when I explain to them the reasons why I’m here, they’re really receptive to it.

I can really relate to Glen because he’s a similar age to me and he understands the modern lifestyle. That means I still want to maintain a social lifestyle and eating out while still working towards my long-term property goals.

After working with Fox & Hare I feel so much more relaxed about seeking financial advice. I used to have a lot of anxiety around money. I wasn’t focusing on it and things were just spiraling. But now I’ve got a set-and-forget strategy in place and if feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

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