The Fox & The Hare


What’s your background?

I’ve been in financial services for 11 years working for major players including Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank and Zurich. As part of my roles I’ve been lucky enough to travel around Australia and the world speaking at leading Financial Adviser conferences on a range of topical issues. I am passionate about making the Financial Advice profession greater than ever before and have been actively involved with the Association of Financial Advisers since 2011.

Why did you want to be an adviser?

I watched my parents make a series of financial wins and losses all the while never truly considering my own financial decisions, thus, meandering through my early twenties with no real plan or strategy. I realised that if I wanted to achieve half of the things I had planned in life I needed to get serious about all things finance related and so a passion was born.

Why did you start Fox & Hare?

Realising there was so much confusion, frustration and heartache associated with money I wanted to build a place where people could be excited about the idea of creating and achieving financial goals. I really want young people to feel confident with money, particularly women who often feel most uncertain about their ability to understand and manage their finances.

Anything interesting about you that we should know?

I love travelling and have done some solo adventures to places that made my parents nervous, South Africa probably scared them the most! I love to cook and spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about future meals.

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What’s your background?

I landed a job at Macquarie Bank when I was 19, just before the peak of the GFC. The first couple of years were very full on because I was working full-time and going to uni at night to complete my Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting. I had various roles at the bank over my 10 years but left in mid 2017 as one of the youngest Directors in the company.

Why did you want to be an adviser?

I love the idea of working with people to enable them to achieve their goals, whatever that may be, buying their first property, taking a year off to travel the world, or like in my case, starting a business. I sat down with my adviser 3 years before I started Fox & Hare (when the thought of owning my own business was still a pipe dream), we put a plan together that ensured I had the funds I needed to quit my job, start my business and not change my standard of living. I truly believe that without the plan in place I wouldn’t have been in the position to do what I did.

Why did you start Fox & Hare?

Putting structure around peoples financial affairs so that they can achieve what they want out of life is a really rewarding experience for both me and my clients.

Anything interesting about you that we should know?

I live by the beach in Coogee with my partner, do volunteer work for an organisation called Out for Australia, absolutely love travelling, enjoy keeping fit and always looking for an excuse to be outdoors.

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What People Are Saying

Fox & Hare has been absolutely incredible! Glen has been extremely supportive, personable and engaging, going out of his way to fully understand my unique situation. At Fox & Hare you truly feel valued. From the very first coffee I have been very excited to work with Glen into the future. I have already recommended Glen at Fox & Hare to many colleagues and friends. For anyone looking for a financial adviser, one thing that Glen said to me is that “the real risk to you is actually not doing anything about it now”.

John Ryan, Graduate at Luminis Partners (in affiliation with Evercore)

I have recently had the most professional and valuable experience with Glen as our Adviser. After an initial and very thorough goals and values session with Jess and Glen, they truly understand our financial goals and how to build steps to achieve them. Glen patiently explains financial strategies and ideas, even to those who are new to this and I couldn’t recommend Glen, Jess and the Fox & Hare team more highly to any friends and family!

Anna Cranney, TAL Insurance Executive

Both Glen and Jess have been super helpful throughout this process. Our first couple of sessions with them were really enlightening, and also really helpful as we had lots of questions which they answered clearly and in a way that helped us really understand each of the concepts that were discussed. Glen and Jess both took the time to get to know my partner and I, listened to our needs and worked this into their thinking. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some guidance on your financial future, without feeling pressured.

Matthew Jorgenson, Head of Client Service at Direction First | InSites Consulting

Having worked with Glen professionally for many years, I have found him to be an absolute pleasure to deal with. Glen is extremely personable, professional and organised, and certainly has a wealth of industry knowledge as a Financial Planner. I would highly recommend Glen to anyone seeking Financial Advice.

Meagan McDonald, Senior Relationship Manager at Macquarie Group

What I love most about Jess is her caring nature and infectious smile. We have worked on many projects together at the AFA over the years as well as seen her work supporting advice businesses and advisers as her clients as she understands and can empathise with people and their needs. Traits which I believe will make her a success as an adviser with her clients as this is a relationship business, and she just gets it.

Marc Bineham, President, Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

I’ve known Glen in a professional capacity for around four years, and I can say with zero hedge – he is one of the good ones. An outstanding career to date, and very excited to see how he increases professionalism in the financial advice sector moving forward.

Clayton Daniels, Financial Writer, Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle


We Believe in Giving Back

Fox & Hare are involved in a number of charity & community projects. To find out how you can get involved contact us here.

The Pinnacle Foundation

The Pinnacle Foundation was established to provide scholarships & mentoring support to LGBTI students who are marginalised or disadvantaged, so that they can create lives they aspire to.

Out for Australia

Out For Australia is an organisation that seeks to support and mentor aspiring LGBTIQ professionals as they navigate their way through their student life & early stages of their career.


The YWCA are a women-led organisation that advocate and deliver programs and services that develop the leadership and collective power of women and girls; provide support at critical times; and promote gender equality and community strengthening.