Work with Trish.

Trish is a passionate feminist, mother, runner and sustainability warrior, committed to supporting young professionals achieve financial freedom. She takes her responsibility as a CFP Professional seriously by advocating for positive change in the financial industry, mentoring future advisers and in her spare time she volunteers at a Riding for the Disabled organisation.

Working with Trish, you will be supported by the fabulous Sam, John, Czarina & Erika.

Sam is your Associate. He works closely with Trish to create your game plan, will be a regular feature in your meetings and a second touch point for everything advice related.

John will be your very own member concierge! Laser focused on making your life easier, he will take care of all the ‘life admin’ stuff ! Fees, forms and data, etc.

Erika is your member fulfilment expert and works closely with our product providers to ensure Trish’s advice comes to life.

Czarina will be your paraplanner and work behind the scenes with Trish and Sam to write your world class advice documents!