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New advice firm taps young professional market

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Former Zurich risk strategist Jessica Brady and former Macquarie associate director and business development manager Glen Hare have teamed to launch an inner-Sydney financial advice practice.

Define ‘busy’

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How often do you greet a friend, colleague or acquaintance with ‘how are you?’ and the response is, ‘ohh so… busy!’ People clearly have different views on what busy is.

My challenge for the new year, rather than responding with ‘ohh geez I’m so.. busy’ is to respond with either I’m being ‘productive’ or ‘unproductive’. In my view, this means so much more….

SSM vote highlights LGBTI advice issues

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Jessica Brady, a former Zurich risk strategist well known in the AFA community, and Glen Hare, a former associate director and business development manager at Macquarie, have launched Fox & Hare, a Sydney-based financial advice practice licensed through non-aligned group The Wealth Network.

Biggest Learnings from Corporate

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After over a decade inside some of Australia’s largest companies (including CommBank, Macquarie Bank and Zurich Financial Services) I recently jumped into self-employment which prompted some nostalgic reflections on my…

Applying for a Loan? Don’t Just Pay Off Credit Cards

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It seems like a no brainer, right? You are buying a home, so you’ll pay off your credit cards to reduce your debt, but keep them active so you can…

Support Fox and Hare in helping give back to the community

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Remember the old entertainment books where your mum would rip out a buy one get one free movie voucher and thick shake from donut king before you left the house…