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Wine & Wisdom

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While enjoying a multitude of delicious charcuterie boards the resident sommelier @ Wyno in Surry Hills treated us to 5 tastings which we paired with short discussions on various financial…

Investing 101: How to Achieve Baller Status Faster

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“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Or does it? “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Or can it? No doubt money is a popular topic of chatter, especially with the financial year end approaching, which gives us all an opportunity to reflect on our own personal finances and see how we are sorted for the coming year.

Lack of diversity stunts reach of advice

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Advisers need to look beyond the stereotypical client and reach out to a more diverse range of people, Fox and Hare adviser Glen Hare says. By targeting one demographic – wealthy, middle-aged men – advisers are stopping potential clients from understanding the value of advice, Hare says.

What the Royal Commission means for you.

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Glen spoke to Urban Village about the Royal Commission and what it means for you.

Think you’ll never own your own property?

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Many people in their late 20s or 30s reach out to Fox & Hare thinking that owning their own home or first investment property is simply out of reach.

We’re Finalists!

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The awards, which are in their first year, will recognise the leading professionals in finance who are 30 years of age of under.

We’re Hiring!

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We have an opportunity for you to be part of something new and exciting as we are currently hiring for two unique roles:

– Project Manager
– Customer Service

What people are saying!

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Not so long ago we hosted an event focused on educating people on all things property.

Our expert panelists discussed everything from tips and tricks on what to look for (and what to avoid!) when purchasing property, options to enter the property market even if you don’t have a deposit, ideas around how to use your super to buy your first home and much much more!

Gen Y Advisers shy away from the big banks

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For two former Macquarie Group executives, opening their own financial planning firm was a dream three years in the making – and a few months in they have no desire to return to a big bank.

Financial advisers Jessica Brady, who spent time at the commonwealth Bank, Macquarie and Zurich, and Glen Hare…

The biggest mistake when buying an investment property

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When looking for the perfect property, many things can go wrong. However, according to experts, it all boils down to one thing.

Speaking at a panel hosted by financial planner Fox & Hare Financial Advice, buyer’s agent Kellie Landrey from Scoutable said…